Monday, August 28, 2006

Away, please read!

Well, I shall be away for a bit, not sure how often I'll be getting online. I had a MAJOR system failure and it might take me quite some time to get back up and running. Untill then, drop me a line at my OLD-FASSIONED contact info: address, phone, etc... or drop me a line at if you need any of it.

Hope to talk to you all soon.

"I bless you all living things. I bless you in the Infinite Past, I bless you in the Infinite Present, I Bless you in the Infinite Future" -J. Kerouac

"You must BE the Change you wish to see in this World!" -Gandhi

May the Peace and the Love of the Dharma bless you, keep you, and teach you Truth.


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Anonymous said...

i do not know who you are, and i only discovered this site by some elaborate syncro-nonsense, but that quote from Saint Jack Kerouac makes me buzz every time i see it.